Paid Search Marketing

PPC is the ticket for you to appear in front of those customers who are on the go, searching for information, and are inclined to make that purchase. Many of the small time businesses shy away from the PPC campaigns for their complex nature and the requirement of time to be able to manage it all properly. The Digital Advertising Agency in India has made it simple for the businesses of all scales to start with a good PPC program. And if you want your brand to get recognized among the millions, then it is high time for you to opt for Paid Search marketing (PPC).

According to Google, the purpose of brand engagement campaign through Google is building awareness and creating positive relations with a company and the services and products it has. The customer gets to interact with a brand in multiple ways when it’s put up in PPC, for instance, through playing games, watching videos, communicating with others, and so on. Google AdWords includes keywords of the particular brand and ensures that any customer looking for your services gets to see your site over the organic listings. Wondering how to get started on using PPC Marketing Company your advantage? Here is a list of the best PPC practices that we use to help our esteemed clientele reach millions of customers easily.

Creating a Robust Structure

Campaign’s structure is the major factor for all PPC accounts. Beginning with the right campaign structure aids you in getting good control over the components. Setting up a PPC account without proper structure is like having a human body with a broken backbone. The best structure of campaign for the brands is to keep it simple.

Here is a list of techniques that we use which makes us the best PPC Marketing Agency in India.

  • Putting the keywords separately
  • Let there be a single keyword in each Ad-group
  • Run the match types and put them in separate ad-groupings
  • Do not group the offerings of the brand along with the single brand queries.
  • It is best to keep it all under different campaigns.
  • Keep every product in a separate Ad group
  • Have separate Website Landing Page for each of the Ad groups
  • Let the campaign follow a superstructure.
  • Regular review search terms and do negative keywords with are not related terms.

Understanding the Ad Copy

If you consider the campaign as the backbone, the face of the campaign has to be the Ad copies. From creating a mobile brand campaign, the PPC advertising management services need to depict the brand name in capitals and bold in that Ad Copy. Google offers this feature to all of the advertisers whereby the brand domain gets automatically added to Ad copy, and that happens in clear, capital letters. The two things to keep in mind in this respect: 1. Maintaining high visibility on the brand terms & 2. Writing the display link in bold capital letters

Promoting Text Ads for Mobile

Direct the text ads towards users who will click or call from the phones. The offers that you provide need to have a call to action, directed towards the mobile users. For instance, you can use phrases like “call right now” or “from your phones” in the pay per click management services listing.

Knowing the Mobile Landing Pages

The searchers need to get directed towards the landing pages that are mobile optimized or else you will be penalized by Google on the basis of quality score. Take a look at the guidelines to make sure that the mobile searchers get to have the best experience when coming to the website.
The landing pages need to be made lightweight so that, they load up quickly. It is a general practice in terms of AdWords, but it is specifically true for mobile users who are impatient and may be struck with slower net connections.
PPC is the next big thing in the world of online marketing. Right now, Google is all optimization. It might feel like too much hassle to create campaigns tailored for smartphones, but that is the endgame if you want to win in the world of digital marketing. Take the hassle and do the research because at the end of the day it will reward you with the sales you are looking for.


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